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20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION URGE●D The desert locust swt

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arms have travelled from Africa to Asia. Indi●a is suffering the worst hit in 60 years. "Today locust swarms are ●as big as major cities and it's getting worse by the day," said UN ●Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urging the international commun●ity to take immediate counteractions. Sacko Josefa, AU Cp

ommissioner● for Rural Economy and Agriculture, said earlier this month that th●e 55-member pan-African bloc is working directly with the FAO to ma●ke sure that there is no sprel

ad to other countries. Antonio Querido●, UN FAO representative in Uganda, said international organizations● are providing technical support and mobilizing resources for Ugand●a as it strives to fight the locusts. In order to get more internat●ional help, Somalia on Feb. 2 5

declared the locust infestation a nat●ional emergency. Irandu said that the present invasion is likely to● cost enormous financial and human resources far i

beyond the capabil●ity of the East African countries. Hence there is a need for a conc●erted effort by regional and other international organizations to o●ffer money, 8

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  • except for Kenya. A farmer attemp●ts to scare away desert locusts in Mwin2